Understanding and responding to the behaviour of people with dementia

A 1-day course for staff with an understanding of dementia and person-centred care, devised and delivered by DementiaTrainers.

Course outline

  • Identifying behaviours that challenge us
  • The nature of the ‘problem’
  • Understanding the perspectives and emotions of people with dementia
  • Common reasons and messages behind aggressive behaviour
  • Recognising and responding to strong feelings and needs communicated through aggressive behaviour
  • Developing empathic awareness
  • Empathic responses to strong feelings
  • Analysing causes of challenging behaviours: identifying factors that contribute
  • The brain and behaviour: recognising how the symptoms of dementia can contribute to problems
  • Understanding and responding to people with dementia who walk around or try to leave the care setting
  • Assessing and managing risk
  • Finding appropriate responses when people with dementia express themselves sexually

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