Helping people with
dementia make full use
of their strengths is an
essential part of care

Course topics

Our training can cover any area related to the care and support of people with dementia, including:

Facts about dementia:
Signs and symptoms, types of dementia, risk factors, prevalence, the brain, other factors causing difficulties

Insight into the experience of dementia:
Perspectives and feelings

Care approach:
Recognising and addressing physical and psychological needs, promoting independence

Maintaining personhood:
Developing knowledge of the individual, supporting relationships, upholding rights, developing life story work

Occupation and activities:
Activity and engagement throughout the day, finding occupations to suit individuals, sensory activities, facilitating groups

Overcoming barriers, responding to strong feelings, empathy and validation, responding to different realities, reminiscence, creating a positive social environment

Our training approach inspires. Find out how

Identifying feelings and needs, interpreting messages, recognising triggers, reflecting on staff approach, understanding and responding to behaviours staff find challenging (e.g. aggression, refusing help, walking, sexual expression)

Supporting carers of people with dementia:
Addressing emotional and practical needs, facilitating involvement

Goals and planning:
Care planning, risk assessment and management, creating a dementia-friendly environment, well-being in dementia

Leading dementia care:
Managing a service for people with dementia, developing the role of Dementia Champions

Training for trainers in dementia care

Counselling and listening skills in working with people with dementia

Learning disability and dementia

Dementia and mental health problems

  • “The course was revolutionary for me.”
    Clinical lead, learning disability support scheme