Training is a partnership – we too must listen
and learn in order to be sure of addressing
the needs of our participants

What our clients say

“It has been such a pleasure to work with you and the team.  I feel personally developed and want to let you know that the passion I have for working with people who live with dementia has grown and it is my desire to promote all the learning and good practices.  Through the programme I feel so empowered and confident.  I would like to thank you for  all your encouragement and support.”
Pauline King, Manager, Link House Care Home
  • “Janet opened my eyes and mind about dementia. She has given me confidence, knowledge, experience and zeal to learn more and also have passion for dementia studies and people with dementia. I will always recommend her to anyone who wants to be trained in dementia.”

    Saidu Kanu, Care Worker, TLC Care Services, London

  • “Buz is a role model for person-centred practice; this approach pervades not only the content but the delivery of her training. Dementia Care – indeed Social Care more generally – needs more of the ‘Buz effect’ to motivate and inspire!”

    Jenny Tillson, Day Support Manager, Alzheimer’s Society – Central Sussex

“Buz is an excellent trainer. She has a profound knowledge of person centred care and the issues faced by people with dementia. Buz delivers training in a relaxed and professional manner which supports staff learning and encourages understanding and empathy. These factors are vital for staff in supporting people with dementia. Buz understands the practical, day to day issues faced by staff and managers and is able to provide a training plan that meets the needs of both the staff as well as the people who use the service”.David Hastings, CQC Inspector (previously manager of specialist dementia care home)
  • “You are the inspiration for me having the ability, motivation and energy to do so well. I absolutely love it… Fridays are a joy and I feel so blessed that I chose this course.”

    Margaret Duggan, Volunteer Activity Worker, Tibbs Dementia Foundation

  • “An absolutely excellent training course. Well planned with lots of interactive exercises to keep it interesting and people involved. Very informative and well designed to meet varied learning styles. Buz is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about her material. A brilliant insight into person centred care with great practical application in the work place.”

    Debbie Murphy, Occupational Therapist, Russia Lane Day Centre

“Jo Savill has provided highly informative invaluable training to Islington Home Carers on Person Centred Dementia Care. Her understanding of the subject matter is exhaustive. The training really opened the delegates’ eyes to understanding the complexities involved when working with people with dementia and allowed them to look at partnership work with clients in a more productive and stimulating way.”Rachel Adelson-Kettle, Work Force Development Consultant, London Borough of Islington
  • “This training has been a real journey for me. I have felt embraced, challenged yet awakened, I am so grateful for such an inspirational experience, it’s been emotional.”

    Deputy Manager, Care Home

  • “Superb course! Most enjoyable, highly interesting and very well tutored”

    Day Centre worker

“I attended the two days training which was run by Brenda – I looked at the content of the course as both a Home Manager and as a trainer. From both angles, it was enjoyable, educational and fun! The programme was varied and enabled the group to work well together in participating in the various practical exercises we were given. All staff from our home attended and the feedback was 100% positive – they have been able to put into everyday use a lot of what was taught them during the two days and clearly this benefits the residents. Brenda is a total joy to be with, both as a trainer and as a person – her passion for the topic clearly shows through in her presentations – something I believe emphasises the importance of the teaching about how to deliver good dementia care.”John Evans, Home Manager, Folkestone Nursing Home, Newham

Participants from the Dementia Champions Development Programme…

“Most enjoyable course I’ve attended. Clear and concise information given – highly relevant to my role on the ward … Buz provided the perfect environment for sharing ideas.”
  • “This course has been an eye opener in terms of communications, behaviour, etc. It has given me so many ideas which will enable me to fulfil my role … very interesting and excellent training. I really enjoyed every bit of it.”
  • “This course has helped me to challenge my old ideas on how to address challenging behaviour in the acute setting … the course was packed with information and was totally applicable to my care setting … what a brilliant course.”
  • “I’m able to be more understanding and my communication skills are improved, hence enabling me to give the best care to all individuals because they all have different needs.”
“I am more confident and knowledgeable now than before … it made me more motivated and I look forward to delivering the message about dementia more confidently … I loved every moment of the course.”
  • “It has exceeded my expectations and met my needs. It’s very interesting and relevant to my practice.”
  • “It opened up my understanding of people with dementia and helped me to be a role model.”
  • “It will help in my daily working role as I am now able to empathise more with patients and get into their world.”

Participants from the Dementia Care Trainers’ Programme…

  • “Buz has a fantastic, encouraging style which worked really well with the group and me individually. Enjoyed the variety of methods.”
  • “Amazing course and the best one I’ve done. Feel I have gained so much.”
  • “A brilliant tool for change agents in dementia care. Thanks for a wonderful learning opportunity.”
“Cannot say in words just how valuable it has been…I now have a good feeling about going out and training anyone who will listen to me! Highly, highly recommended to any service that cares for people with dementia.”
  • “My expectations of this course have been met in full and gone beyond anything I could have imagined”
  • “It was the best training I have ever had.”
  • “I have attended a lot of training and have found this to be the most enjoyable and valuable for me.”
“I’ve learnt so much more than I expected to – it has given me confidence and a good grounding to go and train…it has been a fabulous experience.”