Relationships are
central to person-
centred care.

Our consultancy approach

We offer advice and support to improve the quality of care for people with dementia, tailored to meet your goals and needs. Whether you require a one-off piece of support, or a whole programme to help you transform your culture of care, we can help your organisation:

  • develop processes and systems to give excellent outcomes for people with dementia
  • build teams with the insight and passion to create positive social environments for people with dementia
  • create vibrant, empathic and empowering communities

How we do it

Our expert, evidence-based advice and guidance help you ensure that your organisation is meeting required standards and doing its best for people with dementia. Our development programmes create sustainable organisational change by developing learning cultures with ongoing reflective practice. Staff gain the confidence and ability to understand and address the complex and changing needs of every individual with dementia. Team members are empowered to recognise their key contributions to well-being and are motivated to make sure their contribution is a positive one.

The first step

Get in touch to talk about what you’d like to achieve. After an initial free consultation, we’ll suggest how we can help, capitalising on your existing strengths and maximising your resources.

Explore our consultancy services
  • It has been such a pleasure to work with you and the team.  Through the programme I feel so empowered and confident.  I would like to thank you for  all your encouragement and support.
    Pauline King, Care Home manager