Learning from Living with Dementia Train the Trainer course

A 2-day course delivered by DementiaTrainers, designed to enable prospective dementia trainers to deliver ‘Learning from Living with Dementia’, the award-winning dementia awareness course co-produced with EDUCATE (people living with dementia).


Learning from Living with Dementia is a dementia awareness training course with a big difference. Not only was it co-produced with people living with dementia, but all the key learning points on this course are taught, via embedded video clips, by people who have dementia. To watch a short film about this course, click here.

The Learning from Living with Dementia Train the Trainer course is appropriate for anyone who wishes to deliver dementia awareness training, from experienced care staff through to professional trainers.  No prior experience of delivering training is necessary; the Train the Trainer course will both familiarise participants with the Learning from Living with Dementia course and equip them with the skills and confidence necessary to lead the course themselves. Each participant on this Train the Trainer course will come away with a complete set of the resources for delivering Learning from Living with Dementia, including the slideshow with embedded video clips, trainer’s guidelines and handouts.

The Learning from Living with Dementia Train the Trainer course is available to be commissioned to run in-house for groups of up to 12 participants and is also available as an open course led by Buz Loveday, the Director and Lead Trainer of DementiaTrainers - see panel on the right for dates.

The Learning from Living with Dementia Train the Trainer course will next be running on 4th and 5th June 2024.

The course will be taking place over Zoom.  The fee per person is £450.00 - this includes a complete set of resources (including videos) for delivering the course.

To express interest in attending this course, please contact Buz by clicking here.


Course outline

Day 1
  • Demonstration delivery of the course ‘Learning from Living with Dementia’:
  • What is dementia?
  • Types of dementia
  • Understanding the symptoms of dementia from the perspective of people experiencing them
  • How we can help
  • An enabling environment for people with dementia
  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • How it feels to live with dementia
  • Supporting people with difficult feelings
  • Causes of distress
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Compensating for difficulties and drawing on strengths of people with dementia
  • The importance of identity and life history
  • Getting to know people as individuals
  • Gaining knowledge of individuals’ abilities and difficulties
  • Working in partnership to facilitate maximum independence
  • Well-being in dementia
  • Recognising signs of well-being and signs of ill-being
  • Enhancing the well-being of people with dementia
  • Key points
  • Action planning
Day 2
  • Reflections on the course: ‘Learning from Living with Dementia’
  • Hopes and fears about delivering dementia training
  • Strategies for addressing fears
  • Using visual aids: PowerPoint, videos and flip-chart
  • Learning styles
  • The importance of interactive learning
  • Verbal and non-verbal presentation skills
  • Positive language about dementia
  • What makes for good training?
  • Person-centred training
  • The learning cycle and the importance of discussions to consolidate learning
  • Planning and preparation for delivering training
  • Training practice sessions: delivery
  • Training practice sessions: reflection and constructive feedback
  • ‘Learning from Living with Dementia’ trainers’ resources

"The course is led by the people living with dementia and puts their unique experiences first"

"I feel that this training is ideal as it encourages people to think laterally, puts you in the position of the person living with dementia, and I believe could be a very good tool in improving all aspects of dementia care."

"The course was very much about looking at the person not to the diagnosis. This gave the course another level. It's remarkable that such valuable and informative training can be delivered in just one day."

"(This course) recognises the person living with dementia as the expert and uses their voice to direct the learning experience."

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