Advanced person-centred dementia care knowledge and practice – level 3


Senior staff and managers of services providing care for people with dementia require a sound understanding of dementia and person-centred practice to lead in the provision of care and support that meets peoples’ needs. This course facilitates the development of an advanced level of knowledge, skill and insight, and the nationally recognised certificate provides externally validated evidence of candidates’ achievement. The course is suitable for those in supervisory positions as well as experienced care staff, social workers and other health and social care professionals.

The course is accredited by OCN London. The programme comprises 5 training days, ongoing support and assessment (with assignments for candidates to complete between training days), and a final 1-1 meeting to enable candidates to achieve 12 credits at level 3 (complying with the national credit based learning unit guidelines and level equivalence).

Candidates undertaking the course will learn how care practice can be developed, even within existing resources, to meet the complex needs of people with dementia. The course addresses the Skills for Care ‘Common Care Principles for Supporting People with Dementia’ and is mapped to the RQF dementia units.

Our training uses a variety of interactive and stimulating learning methods, and assessment techniques that support candidates to meet the assessment criteria.

Course content

Up-to-date facts about dementia
The experience of dementia
Social and medical models of dementia
Individuality and personhood
Stigma, assumptions and myths
Well-being in dementia
The environment and dementia
Partnership: drawing on strengths & compensating for difficulties
Addressing psychological needs
Communication barriers and strategies

Positive language
Responding to different realities
Medication and dementia
Recognising and assessing pain
Empathy and validation
Working with behaviours that challenge
Rights, choice and risk
Capacity and consent
Sexual needs and expression
Addressing the needs of relatives and other carers
Assessment and care planning
Activities and occupation
Life story work